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Her Sacred Ways c2005 Jamie McKay, Copper Etch and Chine Colle Collage

Go Be An Artist!

When you have a degree in Science and are really good in Math, no one says, "Go be an Artist!" but that's exactly what I did. After my kids started school, I co-created a sustainable parent-run art program to help young students develop their artistic inner eye and critical thinking skills. I've continued to work on my skills as an artist, and find that my math and science background have greatly contributed to the joys of teaching and sharing my art experiences.

Dragonfly Dance c2010 Jamie McKay,
Encaustic Collage

Get Involved in the Community!

Having a driving passion for making things happen and for figuring out how a system can better function, I worked with our local art community to help organize a sustainable annual art fair. I also became intimately involved with our local art center, working to revamp existing internal structures and create the necessary support systems to greatly expand our education, exhibitions, fundraising, and website departments.

World Tree c2007 Jamie McKay, Open Face Glass Casting, Recycled Glass

Always Ready to Grow!

I love exploring cultural mythologies and translating their rhythms and emotions into melding lines and swirling colors in my art. Over the years I've continued to draw in my journals and book margins, trying to capture a mélange of archetypes that resonates deeply  within my subconscious. Ideas bubble up, wanting to be expressed in a painting or print, glass or clay. The evolution of the world tree and the sacred divine on this page are reflective of this process.    


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